RED REPORT – MARCH 2018 – Spring Selling Season Has Arrived!! 41% increase from February to March

  • INCREASE of 2% March 2018 vs March 2017 (annual monthly comparison)
  • INCREASE of 41% March 2018 from February 2018 (one month change)
  • INCREASE of 0% Year to Date Closings – 2018 vs 2017

Total Inventories are up 3% for March 2018 verses March 2017.

YTD Closings Same, Prices 6% higher & Inventories 3% higher than a year ago…

The Red Forecast – March 2018

Spring Selling Season has officially sprung into action with March sales jumping up 41% from February. It comes every year, but I still get excited seeing the numbers every time. After compiling the Red Report for ten years and being in the real-estate business for almost 25 years, I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I see Spring arrive in the real-estate world. Sales numbers improve and bulldozers are stiring up the dust working longer sunnier days knowing progress is being made after seeing many wet, cold winter days unable to finish outside projects.

A friend asked me to meet with a college student the other day who is graduating in May who has interest in pursuing a career in Real-Estate. As we talked, I was reminded how much I love the real-estate business. I was fortunate to have a father and grandfather who shared their love/knowledge of the real-estate to me as a young boy. There are plenty of ups and downs of which they taught me a lot about both, but I can look back and be thankful for the opportunity to do what I love every day. I’m feeling overly blessed for a dream job working with great people at a great company in a great community.

The forecast going forward looks a lot like last year. Inventories continue to drive the sales and probably will for a while.
Bring on the sunny warmer weather. Spring is here and Summer is on the way!!

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