We Need Success-Oriented Tennessee Real Estate Agents. We Need You.

Thanks for your interest in Red Realty. Are you interested in a successful real estate career—of course you are. When we say we are a different kind of realty company, we mean it. The information here is provided to help you learn more about us.

The Benefits of Working With Red

It’d take all day long to tell you the benefits of working with Red. So we’ll break it down simply:

1. We Believe You Deserve Benefits From Top to Bottom

Revenue Sharing from the team you help create.  Retirement Benefits from the team you help create.  Death Benefits from the team you help create. Our Retention Rate is very high because our agents find success with Red Realty. It’s really that simple. You’ll receive the support and training you’ll need to succeed.

2. We Believe Business Can Be Simple

We believe in keeping it simple. Our goal and proven record is to develop life-long, profitable relationships with all of our agents:

  • Our company structure is simple
  • Our fee structure is simple
  • Our team/sponsorship system is four levels and easy to follow
  • Our commission structure is simple with one rate all year long. Red agents can compute their own fees and commission and not have to simply trust their earnings to someone else.

3. We’re Committing To Being Flexible

Flexibility matters. We all learn better systems and ways of conducting business when we grow professionally and personally. Being flexible with our Clients, Brokers, Realtors and Employees provides the best possible corporate structure, culture and service.

4. Technology Grows Our Business

Staying on top of technology is our passion. We understand that current and future customers have high expectations and we make sure we don’t just meet those expectations—but we exceed them.

5. Experience Counts, In Real Estate; and We Have It

Experience. Our founding members have accumulated extensive experience, knowledge and wisdom. With nearly a Billion in real estate transactions and development, they have led Red Realty from a startup nearly a decade ago, to one of the fastest growing agencies in one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

We Attract Success. Our organization will provide many opportunities for Agents to become Brokers, Brokers to become Owners, and Owners to become Franchise Developers. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to joining a real estate firm. Before you make a decision, take a long look at what’s best for YOU.

As a locally owned, regional real estate agency we have the flexibility and sense of teamwork that will help you reach your professional goals as well. Our culture of mutual respect, encouragement and energy is different than most and we believe this refreshing approach could be exactly what you hope to find.

Join Red Today!